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Provide a method for calculating the strength of the elastic diaphragm in the diaphragm coupling?

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Diaphragm coupling is a kind of coupling.Its function is to connect the equipment and the motor.This kind of coupling is very well sold in the market. So, what is the method of calculating the strength of the elastic diaphragm in it?In fact, the main points are the following.

The provided method for calculating the strength of the elastic diaphragm in the dry diaphragm coupling

This article provides a method for calculating the strength of the elastic diaphragm in the dry diaphragm coupling.The structural characteristics of the TL7 elastic shaft pin coupling and the LA tire coupling were compared, and the elastic diaphragm of a patented coupling was checked.This paper expounds and studies the dynamic characteristics of the elastic coupling from three aspects: structure analysis, dynamic calculation and dynamic characteristic experiment.

In addition, a three-dimensional elastic contact finite element analysis was carried out to introduce a new type of elastic pin gear coupling for the design of the elastic coupling in the vehicle application.

The performance, structural characteristics and design requirements of highly elastic couplings are briefly explained. There are more elastic couplings used. ①The structure and size design calculations of drum-shaped gear couplings are widely used in the shafting of various mechanical devices. In the transmission, the strength calculation model of the BL elastic rod-pin coupling is first established. The power is transmitted from the rotor shaft to the worm shaft through the nylon pin elastic parts, focusing on the power of several representative applications of high-elastic couplings. The device is introduced and analyzed.

The important role of elastic coupling in vehicle application is analyzed.

Including the product type, characteristics and scope of application, structure type, working principle, main technical parameters, main dimensions, performance, selection method, selection calculation, selection examples, etc. of the finalized product, the paper analyzes the application of elastic couplings in vehicles Important role.

8869. JS type serpentine spring coupling JB/T2000-XNUMX serpentine spring coupling belongs to the metal elastic element or even flexible coupling, and the mechanical state of the parallel misalignment of the six-petal elastic plum coupling is carried out. For specific calculations, this article details several design points in the development of plum-shaped elastic couplings.

9147. JM series diaphragm coupling JB/T2000-XNUMX diaphragm coupling is a rigid-flexible coupling. The article introduces the structure, working performance and strength calculation of main parts of this coupling. Main technical data.Diaphragm coupling is a device that connects shafts and shafts or other rotating parts to realize the transmission of movement and power. Its structure, material and manufacturing process directly determine the working performance of the high-elasticity coupling.

The described research methods also have certain reference significance in practical applications.The problems of the TL2.4 elastic shaft pin coupling of the Z-7/a air compressor unit in the air source part of the electric locomotive and train air brake system are analyzed.After conducting analysis and research, this book covers a variety of elastic couplings, diaphragm couplings, serpentine spring couplings, drum gear couplings, universal couplings, and safety couplings.

The diaphragm coupling can compensate for relative displacement through the elastic deformation of the diaphragm.Among them, the elastic coupling has the ability to absorb vibration and buffer.

In addition, Dodge couplings also have the characteristics of higher transmission torque, adapt to shaft deviation, do not need lubrication, extend service life, improve application efficiency and prevent unexpected downtime, and are designed as a flexible link.

From standard tire-type and claw-shaped elastic couplings to metal couplings such as serpentine springs, diaphragms, gears, etc., a pre-processing program for finite element elastic contact analysis of gear couplings has been developed.The stiffness of the elastic coupling is nonlinearly introduced into the model.The movable coupling is divided into two types: rigid and elastic.

Above, everyone has understood part of the content of the diaphragm coupling, which can effectively help you to better choose the product that suits you.

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