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Snake-shaped yellow coupling

T10 series snake spring coupling

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    T10 series snake spring coupling:
    The T10 series snake spring coupling is a horizontally split structure and adopts a keyway installation method. The model number is from 1020 to 1260, and the rated torque is from 52N.m to 932000N.m.The transmission efficiency of the coupling is determined to reach 99.47%, and its short-term overload capacity is twice the rated torque, and the operation is safe and reliable.The aluminum alloy casing protects the spring from being thrown out during operation, and the casing is filled with butter, which not only makes the lubrication good, but also makes the noise of the reed meshing absorbed by the butter damping and eliminated.
    The serpentine spring coupling is a metallic coupling with advanced structure, which transmits torque by the serpentine spring leaf.It combines the advantages of rigid coupling and elastic coupling:
    (1) High transmission efficiency, reliable operation; special arc tooth design, safe starting
    (2) Good vibration damping and long service life; large installation deviation is allowed
    (3) Large range of bearing variable load, torque: 932000Nm, opening: 540mm.
    (4) Simple structure and convenient disassembly. Do you still want to know:

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