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Snake-shaped yellow coupling

Snake-shaped yellow coupling

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    Serpentine spring coupling:
    The serpentine spring coupling is an important connection part in the transmission system, so careless.Couplings belong to the category of general mechanical parts. They are used to connect two shafts (active shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms to rotate together to transmit torque.In high-speed and heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting.The coupling consists of two halves, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft.Generally, power machines are mostly connected with working machines by means of couplings, which are commonly used coupling parts for shaft transmission of mechanical products. In the late 20th century, external coupling products developed rapidly. How to select couplings that can meet the requirements of the machine from a variety of couplings with different performances during product design? For most designers, it is always It is a troublesome problem.Commonly used couplings are serpentine spring couplings, diaphragm couplings, gear couplings, plum blossom couplings, slider couplings, drum gear couplings, universal couplings, safety Coupling, flexible coupling.Zhengzhou Fast snake-shaped spring coupling can be used with confidence.
   Features of special coupling for serpentine spring:
   The serpentine spring coupling has high transmission efficiency, a compensation function, reliable operation, low noise, good lubrication, and good vibration damping. The U-shaped tooth profile changes with the magnitude of the transmitted torque. Its transmission characteristics are variable stiffness, and it has a larger load variation than ordinary elastic couplings.The serpentine spring coupling has a degree of protection of the supporting parts and has a long service life.The product bears a wide range of variable load, the outer aluminum alloy casing of the coupling, the spring seal ring of the inner half coupling, and the delicate composition of butter.
    1. Ever-Power serpentine spring coupling condenses the large torque of gear coupling and the flexibility of elastic coupling. It is a simpler and more ideal coupling for medium and heavy-duty couplings.
    2. Anti-shock, vibration reduction, variable load, better protection of equipment
    3. The two tooth surfaces of the Ever-Power serpentine spring coupling are composed of multiple arc surfaces, and the contact area of ​​the tooth surface can be determined according to the change of load, so that it can withstand greater load impact
      With variable load, it is safer when starting or uneven load, and can absorb a large amount of vibration force through the flexible transmission of the spring, and the buffering effect reduces the shock vibration by more than 36%. It is a true transmission shock filter.
    4. Long working life
       The conical spring is made of high-strength alloy steel, and is treated with a strict heat treatment plan to make it meet the requirements of stronger rigidity and flexibility. The surface of the spring is precision
       The sandblasting process compresses the structural molecules on the surface to achieve the effect of anti-wear and long life.
    5. Simple structure and convenient maintenance
      Fewer parts, light weight and small volume make installation and maintenance more advantageous and convenient. There is no special periodic maintenance during normal use, as long as
      There is sufficient amount of grease during installation, and the grease can absorb a certain amount of noise caused by the transmission, and the grease can be properly supplemented after a long time of work.
   The mainstream serpentine spring couplings with excellent quality on the market mainly include:
   American Fokker FALK serpentine spring coupling, Zhengzhou Fast serpentine spring coupling, LOVEJOY, South Korea KCP, SKF serpentine spring coupling.Because the other prices are very beautiful, many equipment manufacturers in recent years have adopted Zhengzhou Fast’s replacement of imported serpentine spring couplings, including serpentine springs, serpentine coupling shells, serpentine coupling hub .
   Of course, the serpentine spring coupling can also be customized. According to the site installation conditions, working condition coefficients, etc., the required aperture, shaft hole length and torque can be provided to the manufacturer.

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