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Drum type gear coupling

Drum gear coupling with brake disc

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    The coupling with brake wheel is also a kind of coupling. In the market, the coupling with brake wheel is also in response to the needs of customers and the working environment and other conditions. The derived coupling with brake wheel is as follows: Is common in the market      Technical parameters and model types of couplings with brake wheels:
    The standard applies to the technical requirements of brake wheels with a diameter of 100~800mm:
    ①The surface quenching hardness of the rim is 35~45HRC, and the depth is 2~3mm.
    ②For materials with D≤200mm, 45 forged steel
    Those with D≥250mm are ZG340-570.
    ③The keyway type, size and tolerance are in accordance with the regulations of GB/T3852-97 "Coupling Shaft Hole and Connection Type and Size".
    Markup example:
    Brake wheel 200—Y60JB/ZQ4389—86
    200—Brake wheel diameter, mm
    Y—cylindrical shaft hole
    Type and model of special coupling with brake wheel:
    TLL type brake wheel elastic sleeve pin coupling GB4323-84
    HLL elastic pin coupling with brake wheel GB5014-85
    ZLL type elastic pin gear coupling with brake wheel JB/ZQ4375-86
    NGCL type drum gear coupling with brake wheel JB/ZQ4644-97
   我公司是生产各种规格型号制动轮型号有100制动轮、160制动轮、200制动轮、250制动轮、315制动轮、300制动轮、400制动轮、500制动轮、630制动       轮、710制动轮、800制动轮、700制动轮,专业联轴器生产厂家,有鼓形齿式、CL型齿式、NGCL带制动轮鼓形齿式联轴器、挠性联轴器和弹性联轴器、梅花     形联轴器、万向联轴器等.更多制动轮产品或图纸可以参考本站产品专栏及产品图纸专栏。
   弹性柱销联轴器标准是GB5014-2003(原国标号为GB5014-85),弹性柱销联轴器适用于各种机械联接两同轴线的传动轴,通常用于动频繁的高低速    运动。工作温度为-20~+80℃;传递公称扭矩为40~20000N.m。弹性柱销联轴器轴孔型式有圆柱形(Y)、圆锥形(Z)和短圆柱形(J)。弹性柱销联轴器轴孔和    键槽按标准GB3852-83《联轴器轴柱和键槽形式及尺寸》的规定加工。半联轴器采用精密铸造,铸铁HT20-40、铸钢ZG35Ⅱ,轴孔和键槽采用拉制成    型,柱销采用MC尼龙b制成。
  Features of elastic pin coupling:
 XNUMX. The elastic pin coupling is only suitable for medium-speed transmission shafts with very low requirements, and is not suitable for working conditions with high reliability requirements, because the material of the elastic element (column) is generally nylon, with a small amount of compensation The two-axis offset ability, the elastic part is sheared when working, and the working reliability is poor.
XNUMX. The elastic pin coupling has a simple and reasonable structure, easy maintenance, symmetrical and interchangeable on both sides, long life, allowing large axial movement, and has the properties of cushioning, shock absorption, and wear resistance.Rod pin coupling.
XNUMX. The elastic pin coupling is a pin made of a number of non-metallic elastic materials, which is placed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling, and the two halves of the coupling are connected by the pin. The coupling has a simple structure , Easy to manufacture, easy to assemble, disassemble and replace the elastic element, without moving the two halves of the coupling.

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