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Rigid coupling torque calculation and model adjustment

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  Coupling is a mechanical component that connects two shafts (a driving shaft and a driven shaft) with different mechanisms, so that they rotate together to transmit torque.In the high-speed and heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting.The coupling consists of two parts, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft.Most general power machinery is connected to the working machinery through couplings.Therefore, in the process of installing the coupling, sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to the deviation of the coupling and the coupling.The coupling consists of two parts, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft.Most general power machinery is connected to the working machinery through a coupling.Therefore, in the process of installing the coupling, sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to the deviation of the shaft and the shaft connection, because the coupling has a beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance, and it does not need to undergo surface treatment such as color plating.While exerting its inherent surface properties, it is used in various steels, usually referred to as stainless steel.Representative properties are 13 chrome steel, 18 chrome nickel steel and other high alloy steels.From a metallographic point of view, a very thin chromium film is formed on the surface of stainless steel. This is because it contains chromium, which separates from oxygen in the steel and plays a role in corrosion resistance.

  In order to realize the universal standard chain coupling based on the coupling, an ordinary chain coupling is used at the same time, and two parallel chain couplings with the same number of teeth are connected at the same time. The difference is that different chain couplings are used. Commonly used are double-row roller chain couplings, single-row roller chain couplings, tooth chain couplings, and nylon chain couplings.Etc. The chain coupling has a simple structure (composed of four parts), easy installation, no need to move the connecting parts, small size, light weight, strong compensation ability, low installation accuracy, reliable operation and long service life.Due to its low cost, it is widely used in various important structural components, especially connecting rods, bolts, gears and shafts that work under alternating loads.The rectangular crusher has the characteristics of high precision and good stability.The key link adopts a safe and reliable coupling to connect two different mechanisms (drive shaft and drive shaft) together to transmit torque, making the shaft hole easy to install and relative to the ordinary shaft.The key link is a safe and reliable coupling, which is used to connect the two secondary shafts (the driving shaft and the drive shaft) to transmit torque.In high-speed and heavy-load power transmission, some have the functions of damping vibration and improving dynamic performance.

  The power of the power engine in the rigid coupling drive system should be greater than the power of the workpiece machine tool.

  Torque calculation

  In a rigidly coupled drive system, the power of the power machine should be greater than the power required by the workpiece machine.According to the power and speed of the power machine, the high-speed real short moment t connected to the power machine can be calculated.According to the working coefficient k and other correlation coefficients, the coupled torque tc is calculated.The coupling t is inversely proportional to n, so the low-speed end t is greater than the high-speed end t.

  Primary model

  According to the calculated torque Tc, the nominal torque TN that can be selected from the standard series should satisfy TN≥Tc.The type (specification) of the coupling was initially selected, and the allowable speed [n], the large radial dimension D and the axial dimension L_0 of the coupling were found from the standard, which satisfies the speed of the coupling n≤[n ].

  Adjust model

  The connection size of the coupling, that is, the length of the shaft hole diameter d and the length of the shaft hole L, should meet the requirements of the shaft diameter of the main shaft and the drive end.In addition, the specifications of the coupling should be adjusted according to the shaft diameter d. The main and drive end shaft diameters are common phenomena. When the torque and speed are the same, and the main shaft and drive end shaft diameters are different, the coupling type should be selected according to the large shaft diameter. .In the newly designed transmission system, 7 kinds of shaft holes that meet the requirements of the national standard should be selected, and the J1 type wellbore is recommended to improve and improve the transmission efficiency.The length of the shaft hole should meet the coupling product standard.

  Choose connection type

  The choice of coupling type depends on the connection type of the main shaft and the driven end on the shaft.Usually, use the key connection, and specify the same key connection type and code number.In GB/T3852, seven keyway types are specified and four keyless connections are provided.Type A key to use more.

  Selected varieties, models, specifications (models)

  According to the comprehensive factors such as the load type, speed and working environment of the motor and the coupling, the type of the coupling is selected.Select the coupling type according to the supporting factors and connection conditions of the coupling.The specification (model) is selected according to the nominal torque, shaft diameter and shaft length.In order to ensure the strength of the shafting and bonding, after selecting the coupling model (standard), the shafting and bonding strength should be checked to determine the coupling model.

  The content of the rigid coupling is introduced in the article.Do you understand? For more information about related shafts, please visit our website.

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