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Clean all parts of the plum blossom coupling

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Before disassembling the plum blossom coupling, make some marks on the coordinated positions of the various parts of the coupling for reference when reassembling.Ever-Power will introduce you to the couplings used in high-speed machines. The connecting bolts are weighed and the markings must be clear and not to be mistaken.Once it is mistaken, it will not only affect the performance of the product, but may even cause the workpiece to be unusable.
  Cleaning, cleaning and quality evaluation of all parts of the plum blossom coupling is an extremely important task after the coupling is disassembled.
  The evaluation of components refers to comparing the existing conditions of the size, shape, and material properties of each component with the quality standards determined by the component design to determine which components can continue to be used and which components should be used. After repairing, which parts belong to the parts that should be scrapped and updated.
  In the process of disassembling the plum blossom coupling, the most difficult part is to remove the hub from the shaft.For the keyed wheel hub, Ever-Power generally uses a three-legged puller or a four-legged puller for disassembly.The selected puller should match the outer dimensions of the hub, and the right-angle hooks of each foot of the puller should be properly combined with the rear side of the hub, so that no slippage will occur when you apply force.
  This method is only used for the disassembly of hubs with a relatively small interference. For hubs with a relatively large interference, Ever-Power often uses the heating method or at the same time cooperates with a hydraulic jack for disassembly.

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