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Practicability of the new elastic pin coupling

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There are a lot of couplings currently in use, and there are many types of elastic pin couplings currently on the market. So, what is the practicality of the new type of elastic pin couplings? What?Let's give you a detailed introduction, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Features of elastic sleeve pin coupling

The elastic sleeve pin coupling has a compact structure. After the elastic sleeve is worn out, the metal pin directly damages the pin hole of the half coupling.

Improvement of the elastic sleeve pin coupling of the powder concentrator The two Φ3.5m centrifugal cement separators of our factory were originally driven by the elastic sleeve pin coupling.

Designed for flexible couplings in vehicle applications.

The torsional stiffness of the drum-shaped snake spring coupling is theoretically deduced, and it is driven by an elastic cylindrical pin coupling. The traveling mechanism coupling of the feeding system of the equipment adopts an elastic sleeve pin coupling and the structure of an elastic coupling It also affects the state of the spline connection, and the serpentine spring coupling is transformed into an elastic sleeve pin coupling.

The paper analyzes the important role of the elastic coupling in vehicle applications, introduces the nonlinear stiffness of the elastic coupling into the model, and specifically calculates the mechanical state of the parallel misalignment of the six-petal elastic plum coupling. The torque is relatively high. The hourly radial deflection has little effect on the stress of the coupling, and the fatigue life of the coupling is calculated and analyzed.The structure of the ordinary diaphragm coupling is improved.The dynamic simulation software Adams is used to select the stiffness of the elastic coupling of the bulldozer.

The four coupling pin holes are channeled at 90° intervals on the elastic coupling disc. The elastic pin coupling is one of the connecting parts widely used in the connection of motors and machines. This series of couplings The device has small size, light weight and torque transmission.

The key factors affecting the dynamic characteristics of elastic couplings

The spline connection of the elastic coupling is a key factor affecting the dynamic characteristics of the elastic coupling.

The former also has rubber sleeve pin couplings, rubber plate couplings, plum-shaped elastic couplings, universal elastic couplings and air spring couplings.The pin hole of the pin and coupling is very worn out.

.The four coupling control pin holes of the elastic coupling disc are channeled again, which leads to rigid contact between the pin and the coupling in a very loose state for a long time. This article focuses on structural analysis, dynamic calculation and dynamic characteristic experiment three. Explained and studied the dynamic characteristics of the elastic coupling in several aspects. The elastic coupling disc of the drive shaft was damaged when driving 1000km.

It is the elastic ring pin coupling standard promulgated by the Ministry of Machinery.When replacing the elastic coupling disc again.

The results show that the torsional stiffness and strength of the coupling meet the design requirements.

In view of the parallel misalignment conditions of the plum blossom elastic coupling, the rubber elastic coupling can be divided into compression type and shear type. The snake spring coupling is an elastic coupling widely used in general mechanical occasions.Snake spring coupling is an elastic coupling widely used in general mechanical occasions.

The above is about the elastic pin coupling. After understanding this, you will be more targeted when choosing, which can help you choose a coupling that suits you and play a better use value. , Bring better help for enterprises.

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