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Analyze the effect of the torsional stiffness and damping coefficient of the elastic coupling on the vibration reduction system

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The elastic coupling is also a kind of coupling, and there are many types of it. So, what is the effect of the elastic coupling on the vibration damping coefficient? The following is the content about the coupling brought by the editor, hope Let everyone gain something!

Analysis software to establish a finite element model of a large torque elastic coupling

The static strength analysis and modal analysis of the elastic coupling are carried out, and a new type of elastic pin gear coupling is introduced. The finite element model of the large torque elastic coupling is established by finite element analysis software.

There are elastic ring pin couplings, pin couplings, serpentine elastic couplings, NE flexible claw couplings and water. This article refers to the relevant DIN standards to introduce readers to a kind of elastic sleeve pin couplings. The design and selection method of the coupling is for reference.

The quincunx elastic coupling is used to replace the elastic sleeve pin coupling, and the influence of the torsional stiffness and damping coefficient of the elastic coupling on the vibration damping coefficient is theoretically analyzed.

The established theoretical model is used to analyze and calculate the vibration damping coefficient of the coupling, and the fatigue life of the coupling is calculated and analyzed. It also has the different degrees of shock absorption and cushioning functions of the elastic coupling. The elastic pin coupling in my country JB108-60.

It can provide a basis for the analysis of the radial stiffness of this series of highly elastic couplings, and not only can replace the elastic ring pin coupling.

In addition, Dodge couplings also have higher transmission torque, adapt to shaft deviation, do not need lubrication, extend service life, improve application efficiency and prevent unexpected downtime. The static radial and torsional stiffness of the elastic coupling are calculated. Couplings are widely used. At present, most of our country's small and medium-sized winches use elastic pin couplings with brake wheels, which are compared with elastic pin couplings and spring leaf couplings.

The vibration damping mechanical model of the elastic coupling is established.

Predict the radial stiffness of the highly elastic coupling at different frequencies

The stress and displacement results of the elastic coupling under the rated torque and the modal vibration shape of the first three-order elastic coupling and its corresponding natural frequency are obtained, which can replace the ML series quincunx elastic coupling of the gear coupling ——Good cushioning performance, and predict the radial stiffness of the highly elastic coupling at different frequencies.

For a variety of flexible couplings, diaphragm couplings, serpentine spring couplings, drum gear couplings, universal couplings, and safety couplings.When the torque is small, the radial deflection has little effect on the stress of the coupling.

The box body of the bag filter is fixed, the outside is subject to wind and rain all year round, and the inside is polluted by the processing gas, and the conditions are very harsh.The box maintenance of the dust collector is divided into two parts.

Matching design of high elastic coupling for test bench.

It is a schematic diagram of the structure of a small diaphragm type elastic coupling, from standard tire type, claw type elastic coupling to serpentine spring, diaphragm type, tooth type and other metal couplings. After modification, the diaphragm The use parameters of the piece coupling have been calculated theoretically.

The critical speed of the elastic coupling is determined.

The serpentine spring coupling has the function of a flexible coupling that can compensate the relative deviation of the two shafts.

The research in this article is of great significance to the development of elastic couplings.

In order to study the calculation method of the radial stiffness of the high elastic coupling under the small amplitude.

Using ABAQUS, the finite element simulation analysis of the static torsion characteristics of the plum blossom coupling is carried out.

Because the elastic coupling has elastic elements, the force between the elastic cylindrical pin and the pin hole of the half coupling is uneven.The force between the elastic cylindrical pin and the pin hole of the half coupling is uneven.

The content of the coupling is introduced above. After reading it, everyone should have a certain understanding of the pipe fittings. Interested friends can also learn more about the other information we have collected.

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